Orchestrate Healthcare and MEDITECH have teamed up to develop an efficient and effective methodology for installing a RESTful API infrastructure.  We are available to assist your organization with a tailored approach to meet your organization’s unique needs, while applying our comprehensive process to verify your installation will be seamlessly integrated.

RESTful API Infrastructure Implementation

  • Initiate: Identify stakeholders, schedule/execute kick-off call, identify implementation team (MEDITECH, “Client” and OHC), schedule conference calls, etc.
  • Review and Select Options: Review MEDITECH RESTful API Infrastructure documentation, select options for the implementation, define high-level server/network architecture, etc.
  • Planning: Identify server/network requirements, define the implementation plan, define the validation plan, etc.
  • Implement: Execute the implementation plan including but not limited to server installation/configuration, network configuration, SSL Certificate acquisition, software installation, software configuration, etc.
  • Validate: Execute the validation plan including but not limited to steps outlined in the MEDITECH Validation Guide, identify a list of issues requiring resolution, etc.
  • Issue Resolution: Identify tasks required to resolve issues identified during validation and complete those tasks.

Give our MEDITECH specialist Michele Moynihan a call at 484-653-7139 or email mmoynihan@orchestratehealthcare.com to connect today.