Orchestrate Healthcare: InterSystems Integration Expertise

InterSystems’ suite of healthcare applications is tailored to satisfy your current and future needs:

  • InterSystems Cache High-performance Database
  • InterSystems Ensemble Integration Engine
  • InterSystems Health Connect
    • Enterprise Service Bus
  • InterSystems IRIS Data Platform
  • InterSystems HealthShare Family
    • HealthShare Unified Care Record
    • HealthShare Patient Index
    • HealthShare Personal Community

Orchestrate Healthcare has been selected as one of InterSystems Implementation and Migration Partners. Our consultants are experts in all components of the InterSystems platform and are certified as HealthShare / Health Connect HL7 Interface Specialists. We can provide technical expertise, project management, best practices, and process improvement in all aspects of using InterSystems suite of applications.


Our professionals have performed numerous installations:

  • Health Connect with just Ensemble
  • HealthShare for HIEs
  • Patient Index implementations
  • Community Portal implementations


  • Our consultants have developed successful strategies for upgrades that minimize the amount of testing required.
  • Our consultants do pre-upgrade to post-upgrade data comparisons prior to production implementation.
  • These methodologies can be tailored to fit your organizations needs and requirements.


  • We offer affordable options to supplement your existing team.
  • Our consultants are well versed in supporting complex systems.
  • We have customers that use our consultants as their interface staff as opposed to in house staff.
  • Our team consists of senior consultants that have years of support experience.
  • Our support can be tailored to fit your needs: 24/7, business hours, or just as needed.


  • Unlike companies that show up briefly, perform complex integrations behind the scenes, then walk away, our consultants view each project as a collaboration between our team and your staff.
  • Our consultants welcome your staff to sit side-by-side with us during all stages of the project. When the project is completed, your team has the knowledge to pick up where we left off and understand how to continue.
  • We document our work and so that your staff has technical specifications to support the system.

Custom Interfaces

  • In today’s complex healthcare ecosystem, there is a lot of overlap between EHRs but communication between EHRs is problematic.
  • Our consultants are experts at providing creative solutions for disparate systems to communicate with each other and solving complex data transfer needs:
    • One doctor may use a different EHR than an affiliated hospital and try to place orders. Without a common MRN between systems, there may be problems that require the ability to store, match, and update messages from different systems.
    • Our consultants have used InterSystems robust database capabilities to handle the diverse inputs and outputs using the identifiers each system needs to accurately link records between different systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Orchestrate Healthcare is a certified reseller of InterSystems Health Connect.
  • We can provide you with an engine you need without the large upfront costs of purchasing an entire software system, one based on your patient population and bed counts.
  • Our consultants can mentor your staff on managing Health Connect or provide direct Tier 1 or Tier 2 support for you.
  • Call (877) 303-3377 to discuss our SaaS offerings.


For many small hospitals, it can be expensive to house and maintain an interface engine. Orchestrate Healthcare can provide affordable hosting services with top-notch support with our SaaS InterSystems Health Connect reseller program.

  • Let Orchestrate Healthcare handle the system management for you so you can concentrate your staff and resources on other areas
  • Call (877) 303-3377 to discuss how our hosting can help your organization.

Conversions and Duplicate Patient Record Discovery and Cleanup

  • Our consultants are well versed in data conversion and data cleanup.
  • We can handle multiple data formats including HL7 messages, CSV files, COLD feed files, among others.
  • We have tools to provide you with the discrepancies and duplicate patient reports needed to cleanup data.