At 92.5, Orchestrate Healthcare had the highest overall score in KLAS’s Navigating the Sea of Epic Consulting Firms report, June 2012.

Orchestrate Healthcare Expert Epic Consultants Score Hightest from KLAS

Navigating the Sea of Epic Consulting Firms

The Navigating the Sea of Epic Consulting Firms report examines the performance, differentiators, and services provided by 26 fully rated consulting firms, including Accenture, Aspen Advisors, Beacon Partners, CSI Tech, CSC, CTG, Deloitte, Dell Services, Encore, Hayes Management, HIA, H/P Technologies, Impact Advisors, Kurt Salmon, maxIT, Nordic Consulting, OptumInsight, Orchestrate Healthcare, Peer Consulting, PwC, Sagacious, Santa Rosa, Stoltenberg, Virtelligence, Vitalize, and Xerox.

Preliminary findings are also available for 20 additional firms that providers mentioned using. The full report is available online to healthcare providers, vendors, and consultants by visiting Providers receive a significant discount from the retail price and can share their consulting firm experiences online with KLAS at

KLAS’s recent independent research reported that our Epic consultants were “Praised by customers for consulting quality and expertise, executive-level involvement and quality of deliverables.” and “Highest scores for clients receiving their money’s worth.”

With our commitment to quality in every client engagement, your Epic project becomes our Epic project, and we’ll get it done on time, within budget and will achieve your objectives by delivering the outcomes you need.

With Orchestrate Healthcare Epic consulting you can expect:

  • Proven experience in Epic applications
  • Dedicated executive-level engagement
  • Consultants with an average of 8+ years experience – specifically with Epic
  • Complete life-cycle implementation, optimization and dedicated on-site support

Orchestrate Healthcare and KLAS

We put a lot of weight in KLAS reporting and recognition. Why? It’s unbiased, anonymous and provides
us a benchmark of our colleagues and our own reputation. Our company and our Epic consultants work hard for our clients and it shows in our awards, our clients reporting of our engagements, and in our rankings.

See What Our Clients are Saying About Our Epic Consulting in KLAS

Our recent engagement with Orchestrate consisted of two of the best technical resources we could have hoped to get. There are two reasons for this. One is that they had experience with Epic and Epic go-lives. The resources also both had in-depth knowledge of our interface engine.

We have been using Orchestrate for about five years on different projects. The most recent engagement was a year-long to help us interface Epic. The consultant we used was a remote resource in a different time zone, and she altered her shift in order to give us the coverage we needed. Orchestrate is very flexible.

We needed someone to come in and roll out our employed doctors on Epic. We were able to find somebody from Orchestrate who could meet that need, and this person seemed to have a good balance of knowledge about both the registration and scheduling pieces as well as the clinical applications. He was professional, organized, and prepared and was up front and clear in terms of setting expectations and agreeing on what was needed. He was very deliberate about making sure we were on the same page in terms of expectations and what we were going to work on. There is no question that Orchestrate is the best consulting firm I have used.

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