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On-Demand Access To vCISO Meets This Client’s Needs

Since we publicly announced our Information Security (IS) Practice back in March, we’ve had numerous conversations with colleagues and clients about the extraordinary need that exists within healthcare for experienced IS leadership. The corresponding challenges these organizations currently face regarding the availability and cost of hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) led us to develop our virtual or vCISO offering.

Within just weeks of launching this new offering, we have been actively retained by a new client*. As this is a pioneering position for many, we’ll be providing developments on this engagement over the next few months to share how our vCISO offering is helping making a difference in our client’s IS strategy.

Client Scenario: A medium-sized healthcare provider organization in the Southeast is providing exceptional patient care, but recognizes the need for additional enhancements to their information security program. The organization has internal resources to implement the IS protocols but needs experienced IS leadership to help define and develop a roadmap for the enhancements they require. Budget is tight and not conducive to the support and hiring of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer.

Challenge: Cannot justify the expense of a full-time CISO but need experienced leadership to quickly help develop the IS strategy enhancements.

Solution: Our client opted to engage with our virtual CISO offering. Orchestrate Healthcare will provide a vCISO for just the amount of time required to define the client’s IS strategic enhancements and develop a roadmap for implementing these next steps.

New cCISO Offering Developed Out Of Client-Focus

As a client-focused company, every day at Orchestrate Healthcare we look to:

  • Exceed the client’s expectations
  • Do what’s best for the client
  • Look for ways to improve the client experience with us

Our newest Information Security offering does just that. Born out of conversations with clients and a deep understanding of the healthcare environment, our vCISO offering provides a flexible, affordable approach to healthcare organizations. Organizations can retain a vCISO for the amount of time needed to ensure their security programs are on track, as opposed to hiring a full-time security officer.

shutterstock_287240723With our vCISO offering, organizations may realize savings of up to 80% over the cost of a full–time employee, with the added value that several information security experts will be available to your organization when needed.



Immediate IS Expertise Will Make an Impact

Orchestrate Healthcare’s VP Jason Griffin will be working closely with our client to elevate their programs and procedures to meet the OCR (Office of Civil Rights) guidelines.  With his previous experience developing security programs, Mr. Griffin is able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. No ramp-up time needed equates to a better client experience and a more seamless path to an elevated IS culture.

Stay tuned for updates on this engagement to see how a vCISO can efficiently impact a healthcare organization. For more information, or to have a conversation with us about our IS Practice or our vCISO offering, give us a call at (877) 303-3377.


*Client security is paramount to us. As disclosing our client’s name could result in a breach of security until necessary enhancements are implemented, we’ll be sharing information on an anonymous basis until an advanced level of IS maturity is reached.

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