MEDICITY Integration Experience

Orchestrate Healthcare is at the forefront of enabling scalable and value-added healthcare information exchange (HIE) by working with HIE market leader, Medicity.

Orchestrate Healthcare is partnering with Medicity to ensure 100% successful and high-performing HIE deployment. When implementing new technology, success depends on a combination of people, processes and technology. Orchestrate Healthcare offers CERTIFIED Medicity implementation services to help you manage change and successfully adopt their solutions.

Medicity is the standard for meaningful HIE against which all other companies are measured. By the numbers, Medicity powers more than 700 Hospitals, 25,000 Physician Practices, and 250,000 end users with over 150 unique EHRs.

No other HIE vendor has demonstrated such success across a broad spectrum of live customer deployments- connecting physician practices, standalone Hospitals, large health systems and local, regional and statewide HIE’s.

Medicity brings to each implementation a unique perspective on what works, what doesn’t, and the best recommended deployment approach for you to achieve your goals – on time and on budget.

Proven Results

With Medicity, all members of the care team are connected, can view a full picture of their patient’s health, and collaborate easily, efficiently, and electronically.

The results are improved care safety and quality – and lower costs.

Medicity brings to each implementation a unique perspective on what works, what doesn’t, and the best recommended deployment approach for you to achieve your goals – on time and on budget.

HIE Strategy

Medicity has a unique approach to HIE development that enables you to:

  • Realize immediate value by quickly establishing a flexible and adaptable foundation for information exchange across a secure network of providers.
  • Adopt additional technology at your own pace. Whether you want to start at a walk or a run, you get the solution that meets your organization’s specific needs and timelines – from a single technology platform.

The Medicity playbook:

Go wide

Successful HIE first requires that providers be electronically connected and that health information flow securely across the network. Getting on the Grid establishes this HIE foundation. In record time, the Grid connects a broad network of providers throughout your community and automates exchange of data such as orders, results, transcribed reports, demographic data, and referrals. The Grid integrates discrete data within EHRs while supporting paper-based practices with web-based information access.

Go deep

Once you’ve established your Grid foundation and health information is flowing freely throughout your community, you can expand the functionality of your HIE initiative – layering the right mix of applications and services onto the Grid to meet your organization’s goals. Additions might include:

  • Aggregating patient information from across the community to create longitudinal health records
  • Transforming, translating and standardizing patient data for consistency across locations and disparate information systems
  • Establishing gateways to exchange information with other HIEs, registries, government organizations, and public health agencies
  • Applying analytic services to turn the raw data into information for measuring outcomes and improving performance

This proven deployment strategy – applied successfully across hundreds of HIEs nationwide – generates immediate benefits and serves as a catalyst for rapid adoption and expansion of your HIE initiative.


Everyone wins when healthcare providers have electronic access to medical records – anytime, anywhere – and all members of a patient’s care team collaborate and contribute to the complete picture of the patient’s health.

With the largest network of connected providers in the nation, Medicity makes vital health information available to patients and their care teams. We are the standard for meaningful HIE.

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Our Comprehensive Professional Services Include:

  • Process Redesign
  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • Go-Live Support

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