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Does having KLAS matter?

Think of KLAS as QUALITY. In today’s complicated healthcare environment, QUALITY counts more than ever.

KLAS indicates QUALITY in healthcare IT consulting In the world of technical services and integration, KLAS Research rates a vendor’s performance through feedback from their customers, and not from the vendor.  KLAS conducts direct interviews with customers to obtain credible and detailed feedback.

Do hospitals actually consider KLAS ratings when selecting technical services consultants and integration partners? They do, and here’s why. The level of QUALITY in IT consulting has declined as start-up companies have scrambled to grab federal funds available for meaningful use.

But there’s a way to quickly weed out those inexperienced newcomers. KLAS ratings for vendors show consistency over time and provide you:

  • Unbiased Expertise:  To be consistently highly rated in KLAS, vendors must have very experienced people. With any integration job, HIE project, or EMR implementation there are going to be challenges, changes and potential problems that only very experienced people can handle without causing delays or budget overruns. Years of work in the space has taught us that experience costs you less over and over again. We can show you how.

Orchestrate Healthcare’s KLAS Ratings as of TODAY

HIE Consulting Category: 1st Place with a current score of 89.40

Technical Services Category: 2nd Place with a score of 94.03

  • Reduced Risk: If a vendor is consistently rated in the top 5 in a category, your risk in assigning them a project is significantly lower. It only takes a couple bad references for a vendor to be knocked out of the top 5.  Check out the consistent vendors here and make them a finalist for your work.
  • Commitment: KLAS ratings are a mindset, a strategy driven from the top down in an organization. The clear difference between the best, and the rest, is the mindset of the executive management team. If customer satisfaction and QUALITY come first, KLAS ratings are consistently high. If revenue and profit are top priorities, KLAS ratings are middle of the road or lower.

Orchestrate Healthcare’s KLAS Ratings as of TODAY

Staff Augmentation Category: 2nd Place with a score of 92.18

If you want to experience the difference in working with a KLAS organization where consistent QUALITY for our customers has remained a top priority for over a decade, consider Orchestrate Healthcare.

Give us a chance with your next healthcare IT project and we will show you the amazing value our consultants can bring to your organization. Call us at (877) 303-3377 or contact us to learn more about our experienced consultants, our customers or more about us.

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