HIPAA compliance can be one of the most daunting challenges healthcare organizations face. But with Orchestrate Healthcare as a partner, we walk with you through the process and provide certified CISO guidance and support.

Step 1 – Assess Your Healthcare Organization’s HIPAA Compliance

Take our 5 minute complimentary assessment quiz today and see how your organization is doing. Upon completion of this quiz, your results will be emailed instantly along with actions to take (if any) to safeguard your organization against potential compliance issues.

Step 2 – Review Your Quiz Results and Take Advantage of our HIPAA Assessment BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS

Orchestrate Healthcare is uniquely positioned to bring healthcare organizations into HIPAA compliance with the tools, resources, and experience of our Information Security practice team.

Our Annual HIPAA Assessment Offerings allow your organization to select the program right-sized for you with the CISO involvement you need. From CISO guidance through CISO leadership, we serve as your strategic partner.