Providing KLAS Confirmed Expert and Experienced Epic Consulting Services

Highest Ranking Epic Consulting FirmIn the KLAS Research 2014 Epic Consulting report, Orchestrate Healthcare is the highest ranking Epic consulting firm among all the vendor-agnostic consulting firms for Implementation Support and Staffing which is the largest group of consulting firms analyzed in the report. With both the proven “understanding of Epic and interface knowledge” we also know how to support and manage the legacy systems in your environment for maximum success.

Not only are we the number one vendor-agnostic firm, we finished in the top five overall out of the thirty-three firms in the Epic healthcare arena. This placement confirms we continue to invest in being the leader in quality delivery of services despite the increased competition and influx of new firms. With so many consulting firms in their infancy within this Epic space, the report asserts, “Orchestrate Healthcare has been providing Epic resources to providers for many years. Initially, they worked in technical services and won the Best in KLAS award for this work in 2008, 2011, and 2012.”

What Does Working With the Highest Ranking Epic Consulting Firm Mean For You?

We know top ranking is important, providing a benchmark against colleagues and confirming our own reputation, but what does working with the highest ranking Epic consulting firm mean for individual clients looking for Epic support? It means your implementation is delivered at a QUALITY and EFFICIENCY level equal to your goal in buying Epic in the first place, and it makes you more COMPETITIVE in a complex and demanding environment.

QUALITY drives quality. In every choice you make, selecting quality enables you to deliver quality throughout your organization. Partnering with the top-ranked vendor-agnostic consulting firm will help ensure your investment in Epic provides the best experience for patients, providers, and administrative teamspost implementation as well as assuring good stewardship of hospital resources.

We enable COMPETITION. With expert consultants on the project, you won’t experience downtime, errors, or costly mistakes that inhibit your competitive edge.

EFFICIENCY always. You want results today, and we deliver this as well as set your healthcare system up for future success.  We document our work; keep our clients informed of progress; train our clients’staff; and maintain the relationship after the project concludes. As one provider commented in the report,

They took ownership in the management of their reporting out. I don’t see many organizations that do that. With other organizations, we hire their people and the people come to do the work, but there isn’t documentation of how things are going, what they have finished, and how long they have put in on certain things. It was weird to get that from Orchestrate Healthcare and not our other three sources, but it was also refreshing. I didn’t even ask for it. They just said it was what they do.”

We always take the extra step as an efficiency measure to ensure your Epic implementation is a success.

Our Role as Your Consulting Partner

Our primary role as a consulting firm is to take our client’s needs into consideration as we make vendor assessments and recommendations based upon those needs. As this KLAS report reflects, Orchestrate Healthcare came in #1 among the largest group of vendor-agnostic consulting firms.

Take comfort in knowing that when you hire us, it comes with no hidden agenda or bias, but a laser-like focus on what’s truly the best solution given your situation. Our most important partnership is with our clients and always will be.

Orchestrate Healthcare is great to deal with. They don’t rush in and try to force their methodology on us. They first determine what needs we have and adapt.”

While our consultants make us shine, our leadership is accessible, client-facing, and known to call or drop-in to check on the project. Providers in the KLAS report indicate that “Orchestrate Healthcare has a responsive executive team,” and from KLAS commentary, a CIO reported,

Orchestrate had the right level of executive involvement, which was not much, but it was there if we needed it.”

We’re Ready to Deliver the Epic Outcomes You Want

We work with clients from coast to coast, and implement Epic solutions across a continuum of care environments. Our eight year old company is growing steadily as the market needs experienced consultants; however we choose to focus on quality of engagement not quantity. If you are ready for a relationship with the highest ranking Epic consulting firm to deliver the QUALITY you seek, enabling you to rise above the COMPETITION, and complete your project with EFFICIENCY for success today and in the future, give us a call.

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