Successful integration begins with speaking the correct integration language of the healthcare environment

Orchestrate Healthcare speaks the language of integrationHealthcare message standards fluctuate frequently. Therefore, it is imperative to know the language of the healthcare units. Below are the more frequent message types Orchestrate Healthcare implements on a regular basis as part of our Integration and Interoperability services:

HL7 v2

  • ADT-Admission/Discharge/Transfer
  • BAR – Add/Change Billing Accounts
  • DFT – Detailed Financial Transactions
    • Billing applications
    • Procedure ordered
    • Procedure scheduled
    • Procedure completed
  • MFN – Master File Notification
    • Provider and practitioner updates
  • MDM – Medical Document Management
    • Textual reports or results
  • ORM – Order Entry
  • ORU – Observation Results
    • Clinical laboratory results
    • Imaging studies
    • EKG pulmonary function studies
    • Interpretation
  • RDE – Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order Message
  • RDS – Pharmacy Dispensing Information

HL7 v.3

Message types though very specific (over 100 message types) referred to as CCD’s. Most common are:

  • PIX  = Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing
  • PDQ  = Patient Demographics Query
  • XCA  = Cross Community Access
  • b = Cross Enterprise Document Sharing

Most commonly used in HIE Document Exchanges

  • ITI-8 Patient Identity Feed HL7v2
  • ITI-18 Registry Stored Query
  • ITI-41 Provide and Register Document Set-b
  • ITI-43 Retrieve Document Set
  • ITI-44 Patient Feed