Insurance and Vendor Billing Integration

Does your billing group spend a lot of time manually entering paper invoices?

More and more vendors are adding claims billing into their EMR systems and the consultants at Orchestrate Healthcare have the experience to help you reduce data entry by using X12 formatted claims messages.

Electronic claims messaging:

  • Streamlines preapprovals from insurance companies
  • Reduces the turnaround time required for reimbursement
  • Reduces keystroke errors
  • Improves the efficiency of your billing staff

Does your telecommunications vendor submit individual bills for the cell phones you use which cause in hours of invoice entry?

Quick Study Scenario

Below is a case study of how the Orchestrate Healthcare Interoperability group was able to assist a customer reduce the onerous monthly invoicing for the cell phones provided to employees.

Challenge: This customer is a large multi-facility hospital group where the number of provided cell phones is over 1000. Verizon sent a separate bill for each individual cell phone assigned. Every month over 1000 individual invoices were received and had to be manually entered into their vendor billing system.

The customer worked with Verizon to agree to transmit these invoices electronically via individual X12-811 formatted files. Four different file formats may be received:

    • HL1-HL4
    • HL1-HL2-HL4
    • HL1-HL2-HL3-HL4
    • HL1-HL3-HL4

Solution: Orchestrate Healthcare’s Interoperability group created the necessary interface that converts these inbound invoice files to the X12-810 formatted message type required by the customer’s vendor billing system.

An X12-997 response transaction was created as an acknowledgment sent back to Verizon for each of the invoice files.

Outcome: This electronic billing solution was a win for everyone:

    • Verizon billing day no longer creates a tsunami of manual bills to enter
    • Payment accuracy has increased
    • The billing group’s efficiency has improved allowing them to tackle other items
    • The payment turnaround time has been reduced
    • The environment has been helped with the reduction of the amount of paper used