Orchestrate Healthcare Epic Bridges Consultants are Master Bridge Builders

How about a lineup of expert Epic Bridges consultants to assist you in this highly intricate transition? Our Orchestrate Healthcare team is Epic Certified (Epic 2018 NVT). Therefore, we are able to support both your integration engine and the creation of the Epic Bridges interfaces. In addition, you will benefit from our numerous past implementation experiences. We’ll ease your concerns of the unknown and collaborate with your current staff to achieve a smooth conversion.

In other words, there is no need for costly searching, hiring, and training of additional FTE’s, as we are ready to jump in and begin work immediately. Once your project is complete, the Orchestrate Healthcare consultants move on and you are back to just the perfect staff you have today saving:

  • Time
  • Money
  • The anguish of downsizing

Our experiences include:


  • Bridges

Our team has unrivaled expertise with Epic Bridges and its components:

    • System Definitions
    • Profile Variables
    • Translation Tables
    • Error Workqueues
    • Epic Text
  • HL7 Messages 
  • File transfer
  • Billing files
  • We have the insight into when it would be preferable to manipulate data within Epic Bridges versus doing the same using a variety of integration engines.

Complex Interfaces

Not all Epic Bridges interfaces are created equal.  Our team has developed the more challenging interfaces with Epic.

  • Interconnect- This is Epic’s version of a web service. 
    • SureScripts
    • Large files
    • Reference labs
    • CCDs with sites that use Epic
    • CCDs with external entities that do not use Epic
  • FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
    • APIs
    • Decision support applications
    • Quality measure applications


When going live with Epic Bridges, it is important to bring across your system’s historic patient data.  We can help extract and import data into Epic in order to get the full picture of the patient’s experience, including some of the following pieces:

  • MPI Analysis, Validation, and Import
  • Patient Demographics
  • Visits
  • CCDs
  • Results
  • Providers


We have been involved in numerous Epic upgrades and know that there can be significant differences between Epic versions. Let us help you review the Epic Nova Notes, verifying and testing the associated Epic Bridges settings.


  • Orchestrate Healthcare offers affordable options to supplement your existing team.
  • Our consultants are well versed in supporting complex systems.
  • We have customers that use our consultants as their interface staff as opposed to in-house staff.
  • Our team consists of senior consultants that have years of support experience.
  • Our support can be tailored to fit your needs: 24/7, business hours, or just as needed.

Clinical Module Expertise

We have consultants with extensive experience with the different Epic Modules.