We Know Your Healthcare Information Technology

What We Help Our Clients Solve

For over a decade, our team of experienced interoperability and integration professionals has supported organizations of all types and sizes by developing solutions for complex interoperability challenges.

Our experts customize solutions based on your needs to connect disparate healthcare applications so that patient data continues to flow smoothly between resident systems and devices, and to external trading partners. Your data and information generated by one system will be accessible and able to be used in a meaningful ways by other systems, whether or not the latter system is based on different technologies. And, most importantly, we tailor the integration to your rules and standards. Unlike others who install security-lax pre-set rules and boxed routines, we develop custom solutions that:

  • Eliminate unforgiving middleware
  • Are easier to understand and maintain after project completion
  • Provide results that work today and into the future

Quick Study Scenario
In many organizations, the data from information technology operating in one theater may not correspond with the data pulled from other divisions. Because of this lack of interoperability, departments may not be operating in alignment with the organizations best efficiencies.

ChallengeIs your technology driving your healthcare or business office processes & workflows?

SolutionOrchestrate Healthcare provides highly skilled Integration and Interoperability consultants to look at your technology, listen to your needs, and then design solutions to work for you. Further, our consultants can also show you how your data can work harder for you in Business Intelligence decisions and can assist you with Information Security best practices and processes. 

Comprehensive Interoperability Expertise

While many vendors focus on a single solution or class of solutions, Orchestrate Healthcare possesses a depth of system-neutral experience that enables us to understand the requirements for multiple solutions in order to improve healthcare processes and drive results. Our interoperability and integration professionals are true experts. On average, our consultants possess twenty-plus years of experience and they have mastered a variety of solutions including:

Delivering the Healthcare Interoperability You Need Today

Our healthcare IT consultants are experts at managing integration engagements including:

  • Supporting environments with rapidly evolving technology and changing needs
  • Migrating and aggregating data from a broad array of solutions (regardless of vintage, complexity or brand) via any interoperability framework format including X12, CCDA, HL7 V2.x, and FHIR
  • Taking data from disparate healthcare records, and normalizing the data into a structured and
    standardized format
  • Making standardized data available, discoverable, understandable and actionable for automated processes
    and analytics purposes
  • Ensuring data generated by one system will be meaningful and usable by other systems based on different
  • Connecting healthcare applications to enable the continuous flow of patient data between resident systems and devices, and to external Health Information Exchange partners
  • Leading projects from start to finish, or augmenting our customers’ integration teams

Improved Interoperability Outcomes through a Tailored Approach

Through many, many successful interoperability and integration projects and years of experience, Orchestrate Healthcare has developed a robust, yet dynamic, Interoperability Process. We will tailor this process to meet your organization’s unique and specific needs and to comply with your rules and standards.

Training for Ongoing Interoperability Adoption and Success

Orchestrate Healthcare offers customized extensive on-site training programs for staff of all levels – from novice to skilled. We work with you to develop a program specifically designed to meet the needs of your healthcare integration management team. We will also ensure that you will have the right equipment and knowledge to continuously leverage all aspects of your application.

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