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What We Help Our Clients Solve

Orchestrate Healthcare’s Information Security Practice is focused on providing highly-experienced security specialists to support and strengthen our clients’ enterprise security posture.  We know that healthcare information security is much more than just HIPAA compliance. Our approach to Information Security includes:

  • Having a risk-centered approach to ensure that security risks are managed in a cost-effective manner
  • Supporting privacy and being a good steward of the patient data entrusted to the organization
  • Development, implementation and monitoring compliance with policies and procedures, ranging from enforcing segregation of duties to identifying and implementing enterprise controls for cybersecurity protections based upon common industry and recommended practices.
  • Leading or coaching management investigations involving the use of technology, including cybersecurity and insider thefts.
  • Coaching for the primary contact when interacting with law enforcement or government agencies.
  • Development of tests and reports on business resiliency, including business continuity and computer crime response, to ensure that the company can continue operating during crisis situations and breaches.
  • Creating an information security culture
  • Development of an organization-wide third-party service provider oversight program which includes reviewing System and Organization (SOC) reports, coordinating due diligence, and monitoring security-related service level agreements.

Orchestrate Healthcare’s Information Security Practice solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs. We offer scalable solutions and include the following offerings:

HIPAA Annual Assessment

Review our Annual HIPAA Assessment Offerings today

Orchestrate Healthcare is uniquely positioned to bring healthcare organizations into HIPAA compliance with the tools, resources, and experience of our Information Security practice team. HIPAA requires a healthcare organization dealing with PHI to implement all of the following measures and comply with them:
• Physical measures
• Network measures, and
• Process security measures

Our Annual HIPAA Assessment Offerings allow your organization to select the program right-sized for you with the CISO involvement you need to mitigate risk. From CISO Guidance to CISO Leadership, we’ll partner with you. CLICK HERE to learn more about these essential offerings.


Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Providing on–demand access to security consultants who can:

  • vCISO_thumbnail

    Download our vCISO information sheet

    Facilitate a health check of your information security program

  • Implement a risk management strategy/model for all IT decisions
  • Develop sustainable programs that consider budget, culture and risk tolerance
  • Elevate your IT teams’ level of security expertise based on their extensive industry experience
  • Lead your IT teams’ and serve on IT committees (i.e. steering and/or governance committees)

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Our vCISO offering that provides a flexible, affordable approach to healthcare organizations. Organizations can opt to retain a vCISO for just a few hours per month to ensure their security programs are on track, as opposed to hiring a security officer. You may realize savings of up to 80% over the cost of a full–time employee, with the added value that several information security experts will be available to your organization when needed.

Risk Assessment Remediation

  • Our team will complete a formal review of your Risk Assessment findings
  • We’ll present to you options for Remediation of Risk
  • Based on analysis and decisions, we’ll create a Remediation Project Plan for your organization
  • Orchestrate Healthcare can lead the project or provide assistance as needed

Focus On The Fundamentals

  • We start the process by working with you to develop a holistic Information Security strategy
  • Next, we perform Data Classification and an Asset Inventory (Data, People, Software, Hardware)
  • We’ll ensure all data and assets are in alignment for Compliance Positioning (HIPAA, HITECH, MU, PCI DSS, State Regulations)
  • Working with the Information Security strategy as the foundation, we’ll evaluate your organization’s Information Security Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures
  • Then we’ll provide Information Security Role-Based Training and periodic Awareness Training for continued compliance
  • Our team will assess your Security Controls and develop User Provisioning across the organization
  • We’ll then perform an audit of the Assets and Controls
  • We complete the Focus On The Fundamentals offering by providing your organization the tools for ongoing self-assessments for continued Information Security best practices.

Taking It To the Next Level – Information Security Governance

When your organization has completed the Focus On The Fundamentals and wants to ensure the highest levels of compliance, we provide the Information Security Governance offering which includes:

  • Governance Development
  • Creating Metrics and Reporting
  • Mentoring

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For more information about our client-focused Information Security consulting give us a call at 877-303-3377 or Contact Us via our website.