eGate Integrator is main integration tool of ICAN and JCAPS suite. It is a J2EE technology-compliant and web-services-based distributed integration platform and the foundation of Java CAPS. It is designed to dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of developing, deploying, and managing integrations over time.

  • eGate Integrator provides core integration including comprehensive systems connectivity, guaranteed messaging, and robust transformation capabilities.
  • eGate provides a unified, single sign-on environment for integration development, deployment, monitoring, and management.
  • eGate integrator uses standard JMS message service, which can communicate with other JMS servers of other products.
  • eGate integrator provides lot of readymade adapters (eWays) to connect with all different type of external system and exchange the different type of data.
  • eGate Integrator is the first and only J2EE-certified integration platform to support native operation of its integration technology over third-party J2EE application servers.
  • eGate includes the industry’s first enterprise-scale integration change management tools, significantly lowering total cost of ownership.

Our Integration team also has expertise with following tools, which are part of ICAN, JCAPS suite:

eInsight is another important tool of JCAPS suite, which work with eGate. eInsight provide maximizes Business Process efficiency, manages long-lived Business Processes and ensures process integrity, automates web services orchestration implementing BPEL4WS, Automatically provides all the interoperability benefits of web services standards without requiring developers to learn SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and Guarantees process integrity and eliminates processing errors. It also accelerates decision making and human involvement through robust workflow support. Orchestrate Healthcare has consultants who have lot of experience using eInsight, eGate and web Services.

eView™ Studio (eView Studio) is part of JCAPS suite, which provides a flexible framework to allow you to create matching and indexing applications called enterprise-wide master indexes (or just master indexes). eView Studio provides features and functions to allow you to create and configure an enterprise-wide master index for any type of data. It is an application building tool to help you design, configure, and create a master index. Business objects can be any type of entity for which you store information, such as customers, patients, vendors and so on. Our Healthcare Integration team is expert using this tool and developing the solutions.

eVision Studio is part of Java CAPS. eVision Studio provides web application design and deployment features and functions to Java CAPS. eVision Studio is a graphical environment that enables you to develop the portal integrated with eGate, eInsight tool. Our integration team is expert in portal development using eVision, eGate and eInsight. Our team is working on a portal development project with a major healthcare client.

The Sun SeeBeyond eIndex™ Single Patient View (eIndex SPV) provides a flexible framework to design and configure an enterprise-wide person master index that creates a single view of person information. eIndex SPV provides accurate identification of patients throughout your healthcare enterprise, and crossreferences a patient’s local IDs using an enterprise-wide unique identification number (EUID). This product is similar to eView but it is designed only for healthcare clients. Orchestrate Healthcare integration team has designed and developed the project using eIndex with eVision with healthcare clients.

We have expertise with SUN SeeBeyond Integration tool using:

  • eGate 4x, ICAN5.0.x, JCAPS5.1x, e*Xchange™, e*Insight™, eVision and e*Index™ products.
  • Operating Systems include: NT, Solaris, AIX, Linux and HP-UX.
  • Sample messaging standards or formats: XML, X12, SAP-IDoc, SAP-BAPI, SWIFT, HL7, EDIFACT, X12, HTML, DCOM, proprietary fixed, and delimited.
  • Communication protocols: TCP/IP, Batch local transfer, COM/DCOM, CORBA, IP Multicast, IPX/SPX, FTP, SNA (LU0, 1, 2, 3, 6.2), Asynch, UDP, Telnet, HTTP, SMTP, 3270, 5250, MQ, MSMQ, Netware, SNMP and X.25.
  • eGate readymade adapters available: File, Batch, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, HL7 TCP/IP, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix, DB2 on Windows & Unix, DB2 Connect for Mainframe, Microsoft ODBC, SAP BAPI, SAP IDOC, SAP BDC, CGI, Clarify, CICS, COM-DCOM, email, IMS, iPlanet, JCAD, LDAP, MQ Series, MS MQ, MS IIS, Siebel, SME, SOAP, VSAM, WebLogic and WebSphere etc…

Orchestrate Healthcare’s expert integration consultants work with your internal staff to provide technical expertise, project management, project methodologies, and process improvement. We have industry standard process to develop the projects with good quality and manage them efficiently. To develop high quality projects, we follow water fall, RUP processes and best practices. Our proven implementation, version upgrade / migration, and custom Interface expertise with eGate and Java CAPS Suite and other leading solutions in healthcare integration allows us to efficiently manage any size project.