Connect disparate applications and support enterprise wide communication and workflow with Siemens OPENLink, an application-independent integration engine designed expressly for healthcare. To optimize information access, interfaces need to be implemented quickly, where they are needed. Each outlet may require its own complex transaction content, reformatting, and routing. Siemens OPENLink enables Information Technology (IT) professionals to manage this information exchange effectively and efficiently with a comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and tools.

Siemens OPENLink is an application-independent integration engine that provides healthcare organizations with industry standard, cost-effective integration development and management. Built on proven technology, Siemens OPENLink provides innovative and intuitive integration tools to connect disparate systems and actively support the flow of information. These tools empower information technology professionals to manage complex information exchanges in order to achieve high quality business outcomes.

Orchestrate Healthcare’s expert integration consultants work with your internal staff to provide technical expertise, project management, project methodologies, and process improvement. Our proven implementation, version upgrade / migration, and custom Interface expertise with Siemens OPENLink™ and other leading solutions in healthcare integration allows us to efficiently manage any size project.