InterSystem’s HealthShare standards-based interoperability framework provides a scalable, powerful foundation for health information exchange. It connects data, applications, processes, and users inside and outside of your organization. HealthShare helps you aggregate all of your information and provides a complete picture of patient and organizational health.

HealthShare enables the flow, normalization, and aggregation of data, in real-time, for clinical integration.

Access and use all of the data

With the interoperability features provided by HealthShare you can:

• Share important health and administrative information electronically

• Integrate hospitals, community physicians, laboratories, and other health system participants

• Aggregate patient information from diverse sources for a complete health record, and analytics

• Connect to local, regional, or national health information exchanges

• Help achieve Meaningful Use objectives in the United States

Create complete patient records

Assisting organizations by creating complete patient records; with HealthShare you can:

• Support all major health information exchange standards

• Provide access to complete patient records in ambulatory and urgent care settings

• Perform real-time analysis based on comprehensive data aggregated from disparate sources

• Automate clinical processes in the form of alerts, notifications, or recommendations

• Identify patients in need of additional care management

• Define organizational metrics for analyzing population health data, trends, and costs

• Calculate, report on, and improve performance for key outcome measures

Orchestrate Healthcare’s expert integration consultants work with your internal staff to provide technical expertise, project management, best practices, and process improvement. Our proven implementation, version upgrade / migration, and custom Interface expertise with InterSystems HealthShare™ and other leading solutions in healthcare integration allows us to efficiently manage any size project.

Orchestrate Healthcare has been selected as one of InterSystems Implementation and Migration Partners, providing experienced and skilled InterSystems HealthShare integration for clients nationwide . Please check out our profile on the InterSystems Partner Page for a full overview of our services.