Corepoint Consulting Services

Corepoint has a singular focus on healthcare systems integration and offers software solutions for a broad variety of healthcare application interfacing. An active member of the HL7 organization since 1997, Corepoint specialize in HL7 and healthcare-related software, and constantly strives to make interfacing more efficient and cost-effective. In order to facilitate a more widespread acceptance of HL7 and build a base of knowledge derived from providers and vendors of all sizes, Corepoint has participated in every HL7 working group meeting since 1997.

Corepoint customers include healthcare software application providers, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare providers (e.g., hospitals, imaging centers, labs, and clinics).

  • Using Corepoint Connections, you can configure interfaces simply, build data logic quickly, and ensure high quality with built-in testing capabilities. Corepoint Connections works productively with various data formats including HL7, XML, and CSV to name a few.
  • Deploy interfaces with Corepoint Connections’s point-and-click approach. Now implement interfaces in industry-leading cycle times, enabling robust clinical data exchanges productively.
  • Corepoint Connections enables proactive and intelligent service on all deployed interfaces. You receive customized views by user roles and profiles.
  • Corepoint Connections offers high availability natively. This ensures continuous processing of your critical patient data exchanges without the need to set up complex, maintenance-intensive clustering environments.

At Orchestrate Healthcare, our experienced Corepoint consultanting services work with your internal staff to provide technical expertise, project management, project methodologies, and process improvement. Our proven implementation, version upgrade / migration, and custom Interface expertise with Corepoint, Corepoint Connections™, and other leading solutions in healthcare integration allows us to efficiently manage any size project.