GE Healthcare offers a wide range of solutions to assist healthcare organizations optimize healthcare practices for better patient outcomes.  Orchestrate Healthcare provides experienced and skilled GE Healthcare consulting for clients nationwide.

Orchestrate Healthcare can support you in the implementation of the following GE Modules:

  • Centricity Practice Solution
  • Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Centricity Practice for Community Health Centers
  • Centricity Practice Management
  • Centricity Group Management
  • Centricity Imaging Solutions
  • Centricity Revenue Cycle Management
  • Centricity Business
  • Centricity Health Information Exchange
  • Centricity Clinical IT Solutions
  • Centricity Lab
  • Centricity Pharmacy
  • Centricity Enterprise

Orchestrate Healthcare Offers the following GE Services:

  • System Implementations and Upgrades
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Training and Documentation
  • Go-Live Support
  • Testing
  • Configuration
  • Process Redesign
  • Among others…

Electronic Medical Records

Centricity Practice Solution

GE Centricity® Practice Solution is a completely integrated clinical and financial management solution that helps you take care of the whole patient – from first visit to final reimbursement, and every point in between. Centricity Practice Solution combines the power of the Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with the proven ROI capabilities of Centricity Practice Management . It’s a singular approach to a more efficient, high-quality practice.

Centricity Electronic Medical Record

Centricity® Electronic Medical Record (EMR) from GE Healthcare is a proven ambulatory system.

Relied on by more than 30,000 clinicians nationwide, Centricity EMR puts information at the center of care – and at your fingertips. Physicians and staff can spend less time tracking down lost charts, searching for radiology images, or calling the lab for results, and more time with patients.

With GE’s proven quality reporting solution, the GE Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC), Centricity EMR customers are able to feed quality metrics back into the care team’s workflow, driving behaviors that increase quality indicators and enabling participation in pay-for-performance programs.

Centricity Practice for Community Health Centers

A leading EMR and practice management system, GE Healthcare’s Centricity® Practice for Community Health Centers provides community health centers with a complete array of proven ambulatory clinical and financial tools as well as specific reporting and billing functionality unique to CHCs.

Practice Management

Centricity Practice Management

GE Centricity® Practice Management solutions provide patient and financial management, document management and connectivity solutions that help improve business performance – and patient service.

Centricity Practice Management solutions helps you manage costs and enhance patients’ experience with intuitive workflows, business management tools, and EDI capabilities that accelerate the revenue cycle.

Centricity Group Management

GE Centricity® Group Management is a leading software technology that helps provider organizations manage costs and enhance patient care by delivering a unique patient-centered approach to product development and greater connectivity to information management systems and patient data sources.

Leveraging more than 40 years of experience in providing innovative, secure and reliable healthcare information management systems, Centricity Group Management is especially suited to physician practices, anesthesia billing firms and large billing companies.

Imaging IT Solutions

Centricity Imaging Solutions

GE Centricity Imaging Solutions accelerates workflow efficiency for clinical applications, innovating enterprise-wide image analysis and facilitating the seamless capture, storage and retrieval of total patient data.

Qualibria Clinical Knowledge Platform

Qualibria brings together data from your existing IT solutions, combines this data with evidence-based best practices and alerts you to variations from desired outcomes. Because we understand that the real-time presentation of clinical information is important to the timely treatment of your patients, we designed Qualibria’s patient dashboards to be personalized based on the viewing preferences of each user. You control the process from start to finish.

Revenue Cycle Management

Centricity Business

Success in healthcare today is contingent on the health of your business.  The ability to meet your clinical mission depends on your ability to drive the bottom line, and that’s no small challenge. Centricity® Business is a comprehensive information technology solution with a head for business.

From the first point of patient contact to final payment for service, you’ll see our financial and administrative capabilities help improve revenue cycle management. Clinical and billing information is shared seamlessly across the enterprise, leading to greater efficiency and higher patient satisfaction. Plus, Centricity Business provides flexible options that allow you to choose the solution that best fits your needs, including a single-source clinical solution with Centricity EMR.

Centricity Revenue Cycle Management

Centricity solutions provide robust financial and administrative capabilities that speed and improve revenue cycle management in physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and hospital networks.

eHealth Solutions

eHealth Solutions

GE Healthcare’s eHealth solutions provide the technology infrastructure that enables a community to securely exchange health information throughout the health ecosystem: across providers, across regions and across and between states.

Centricity Health Information Exchange Services

The Patient ID Manager serves to identify patients in the HIE, the Document Registry maintains pointers to documents that contain clinical data, and the Document Repository (or repositories) contains the clinical data documents for the patients.

Enables the exchange of patient-centric electronic health information

Clinical IT Solutions

Clinical IT Solutions

GE Healthcare offers comprehensive tools and capabilities.