Highest KLAS Overall Rated Epic Consultants

Orchestrate Healthcare provides Epic healthcare consulting at Kettering

Our Epic consultants team can assist you in the implementation and integration of Epic’s award winning product modules including;

  • ASAP Emergency Room Module
  • Bridges Integration Engine
  • Cadence Scheduling Module
  • Call Management
  • Chronicles Extended RDMS
  • Cogito / Clarity Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Cohort
  • Epic Care Ambulatory
  • EpicCare Home Health
  • EpicCare Inpatient
  • EpicCenter, their patient centered EDR
  • EpicLab
  • EpicOnHand
  • Willow (EpicRX) Pharmacy System
  • EpicWeb
  • Identity EMPI
  • Inpatient ICU Module
  • MyChart allowing patient access of their EMR
  • MyEpic
  • OpTime O/R Management System
  • OutReach
  • PlanLink
  • Prelude Registration/Admissions Module
  • Radiant Radiology Module
  • Resolute Hospital/Professional Billing
  • Tapestry Health Plan Management System
  • Health Information System for Medical Records Management

Orchestrate Healthcare Offers the Following Epic Consulting Services:

  • System Implementations and Upgrades
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Training and Documentation
  • Go-Live Support
  • Testing
  • Configuration
  • Process Redesign
  • Among others…

ASAP Emergency Room Module – Streamlines workflows and helps improve care delivery in busy emergency departments. Because it’s integrated with Epic’s other clinical applications, it combines instant access to comprehensive patient information with active decision-support functionality. ASAP clients dramatically reduce their wait times and transcription costs while providing faster, better care.

Bridges – The Bridges Interface Development Toolkit facilitates interface maintenance with a real-time interface monitor, a usage statistics utility, an error logging utility, and an interactive error-analysis report.  Bridges enables developers to create a variety of message formats, providing data mapping capabilities and flexible data formatting. It includes templates for HL7, ANSI X12, and XML standards and can also be used to support interface transactions in a fixed format or other non-standard data formats.

Cadence – This is their Enterprise Scheduling Module.  Cadence provides lateral functionality allowing you to schedule any visit type or procedure from anywhere in your organization.  This is a rules based scheduling module that can be utilized in scheduling clinicians and rooms as well as individual pieces of equipment.

Call Management – Epic’s Customer Relationship Management.  This Module enhances customer service communications by storing patient information, service issues, and contact histories in a central location. The system allows users to effectively document, route, monitor, and resolve customer service inquiries from patients. The system’s integrated reporting tools help you conduct detailed analysis of your organization’s customer service, from evaluating individual patient/staff relationships to measuring the overall responsiveness of an entire facility, entity or department.

Chronicles – Epic’s Healthcare Data Management System and is the primary module of Epicenter. Chronicles Extended Relational Database Management System, the high-performance data engine at the heart of Epic’s integrated product suite. Chronicles has no built-in capacity limits. It supports thousands of concurrent users and millions of records while still providing excellent response times.  Chronicles drives Epic’s outstanding response times and scalability, giving Epic the edge in serving the largest, most complex healthcare organizations.

Cogito / Clarity Reporting – Epic integrated analytics and reporting functions provide a robust relational platform upon which to build your Enterprises Business Intelligence capabilities.  Data extracted from the Epic system is organized into application databases, disease registries, data marts, Meaningful Use metrics, and universes from which clinicians, managers, and business leaders can develop information analytically and visually. Reports, graphs and dashboards can be developed from the most granular level up to high level aggregates for management decision support.

EpicCare – EpicCare is a full-featured system that supports CPOE and orders management, e-prescribing, health maintenance, population management, research, visit documentation, and follow-up workflows. It is an active assistant, providing real-time decision support and promoting best practices. Integration with Epic’s MyChart gives patients controlled Web access to their EpicCare records, with secure messaging and disease management features.

Epicenter – This is the patient centered Enterprise Data Repository, which EPIC describes as the backbone for all Epic’s software.   One source for all clinical, financial and operations data related to the patient organized into a consistent record.

EpicCare Home Health – This is EPICs portable care management tool for home care providers, offering easy-to-use documentation and charting tools that help coordinate patient care, improve communication with physicians and handle case assignments. Home Health uses a unique synchronization process, allowing users to access the patient’s complete medical record and document care in remote areas.

EpicLab – Called the Beaker Clinical Laboratory Information System, this module supports inpatient and ambulatory laboratory workflows, combining best-of-breed LIS functionality with the benefits of enterprise-wide integration. With Epic’s Web-based OutReach application, external submitters to your reference laboratory can enter orders and receive results online.

EpicRx –  EpicRx is now called the Willow Inpatient Pharmacy System.  This module is a key component of Epic’s “closed-loop” medication ordering and administration process, linking pharmacists, ordering physicians and nurses to a single order record. With Willow, pharmacists can monitor medication treatment and improve medical outcomes, improving patient safety, minimizing adverse effects and helping control costs. Orders from EpicCare flow directly to Willow for verification and dispensing and also appear automatically on the MAR.  Pharmacy staff has direct access to the chart during verification, empowering them to play a more active role in patient care, and verified orders can be routed to the appropriate dispensing device or to pharmacies outside the system. Changes made by a pharmacist are also automatically updated and available for other users.  The Willow Inpatient Pharmacy module was awarded the KLAS 2009 Award for being the best Pharmacy Module in the Market.

EpicWeb – Web access for providers allowing them access to patient information via login to the Epic system from any PC with a Web browser. Once online, users can access major clinical features including care documentation, chart review, incidental order entry (with decision support) and secure messaging. EpicWeb allows physicians working from any location at home, in the office, and even on vacation to use the patient’s entire medical record to make well-informed decisions. Users can also access provider schedules, benefit and eligibility information, referral authorizations and account balances.

Health Information Management – This is EPICs Medical Records Management Module providing Chart and File tracking, identification of chart deficiencies as well as the ability to track information requests including billing and collection requirements surrounding this service as well as Coding and Abstracting utilizing DRG and grouper calculations by third party coding products.

Identity EMPI – Epics summarizes their Enterprise Master Person Index called Identity EMPI, in keeping your database clean by eliminating duplicate records and by actively preventing users from creating them in the first place. Uniting demographic, registration, and encounter data from all of your Epic and non-Epic systems, Identity compares a broad sample of identifying information to evaluate patient records. It then applies multiple logical comparisons that account for misspellings, typos, nicknames, names that sound alike, and even maiden names. Streamlined utilities make it easy to merge records when duplicates are found and to unmerge patient records when necessary.  Identity can organize IDs from external systems, allowing you to cross-reference patient records and access them using their medical record numbers from external or legacy systems.

Inpatient ICU module – This module supports the sensitive departmental arenas of super acute, comprehensive care, and interventional care environments, combining the functionality of our core clinical systems with targeted features and information displays. Care providers can trend clinical parameters such as hemodynamics and drips, vent settings and blood gasses, making it easier for them to assess the patient’s condition and aiding in accurate decision making.

MyChart – Provides patients with controlled acces to their Epic Medical records managed by their doctors.  This module provides self service functionality such as viewing test results, appointments, health maintenance reminders as well as paying their bills, requesting refills on their medication as well as a number of other patient convenient services.   A true portal for the patient to actively manage and stay abreast of their electronic medical record.

OpTime Operating Room Management System – Promotes staff productivity, schedule utilization and perioperative documentation in both inpatient hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. OpTime includes tools for all key perioperative processes including scheduling, preference card management, anesthesia record keeping, pre-op assessments, procedure record and PACU documentation.

OutReach – Epic’s Module for Reference Lab Orders and Results, OutReach works with their Beaker Clinical Laboratory System to help build strong relationships with external providers that receive laboratory or diagnostic services from your organization. Intuitive order entry features allow users to send orders to your facility securely over the Internet rather than through staff-intensive telephone, fax or paper-based methods. Decision support and results communication features support users during the order entry process and help route test results appropriately. Integration with our Beaker Clinical Laboratory System allows your users to carry out specimen collection and shipping management tasks online.

PlanLink – Epic module addressing services for providers and employers.  PlanLink gives provider and payor organizations a competitive advantage by making distinctive services available to employers and community providers via the Web. Providers can submit referrals, receive approval notifications and review statuses of AP claims they are involved with. Payors can allow providers to print remittance advice reports, saving phone calls and mailing expenses. PlanLink’s payor functionality also allows employers to access their online premium invoices for payment and reconciliation, as well as manage the online enrollment process for their employees.

Prelude – Admissions and Registration is handled by the EPIC Prelude module.  This module provides bed utilization and management from pre-admission to discharge.

Radiant Radiology –   EPIC combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, chart/film tracking and detailed statistical reporting in a unified system that is fully integrated with our clinical systems. Radiant allows clients to link images and reports with a single system that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users in multiple departments.

Resolute –  This is the EPIC Hospital Billing system providing billing and collection processes for all patient types within your facility.  The focus is on reduced payor denials, streamlines billing with lower A/R days.

Tapestry –  This is a comprehensive, flexible system designed to help health plans manage operations across all lines of business. It gives payor organizations the tools necessary to meet the needs of members, employers, affiliates and the providers that serve them. Tapestry automates eligibility tracking, premium billing, utilization management and contracting/claims operations using sophisticated benefit plans and contracts. It also works seamlessly with Epic’s clinical, financial, and access applications wherever they are implemented in your affiliated delivery networks.