Eclipsys provides comprehensive, integrated clinical information solutions to hospitals and health systems that strive for clinical excellence. In a pressure-filled healthcare environment with constantly changing regulations and growing financial challenges, Eclipsys delivers an enterprise level health information platform that fosters fast adoption, widespread clinician satisfaction, and meaningful, sustainable quality improvements for better patient care outcomes with the company’s XA-based solutions being designed to minimize the isolation of information and duplication of functionality.

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  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care
  • Sunrise XA
  • Sunrise Analytics – Decision Support
  • Sunrise Blood Bank
  • Sunrise Critical Care / XA
  • Sunrise eLink
  • Sunrise Integration Manager
  • Sunrise Access Manager
  • Sunrise Patient Financial Manager
  • Sunrise Clinical Manager
  • Sunrise ED Manager
  • Sunrise Enterprise Scheduling
  • Sunrise Knowledge Based Charting/Transcription
  • Sunrise Enterprise Patient Identifier (EPI)
  • Sunrise laboratory
  • Sunrise Pharmacy
  • Sunrise Radiology
  • Sunrise Remote Access Services
  • Sunrise Record Manager
  • Eclipsys 7000
  • Sunrise Secure Health
  • Sunrise Surgery Manager
  • Sunrise Vocabulary Manager
  • Wellness Manager
  • Crystal Report Writing
  • SQL and Stored Procedure Programming
  • Objects Plus
  • Medical Logic Modules (MLM)


  • System Implementations and Upgrades
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Training and Documentation
  • Go-Live Support
  • Testing
  • Configuration
  • Process Redesign
  • Among others…


Sunrise Enterprise is the Eclipsys software family of solutions, including the clinical, access, financial and departmental solutions, such as Sunrise Clinical Manager, Sunrise Access Manager and Sunrise Patient Financials.


Sunrise Clinical Manager includes the major integrated modules Sunrise Acute Care, Sunrise Ambulatory Care, Sunrise Critical Care, Sunrise Emergency Care and Sunrise Pharmacy, in addition to related modules and capabilities, such as Knowledge-Based Charting, Knowledge-Based Medication Administration and others. Sunrise Clinical Manager enables a physician or other authorized clinician to view patient data and enter orders quickly from any point in the enterprise, providing evidence-based clinical decision support at the time of order entry.


Sunrise Access Manager, which also shares the Sunrise Clinical Manager platform and health data repository, includes Sunrise Enterprise Scheduling and Sunrise Enterprise Registration. It enables healthcare providers to identify a patient at any time within a hospital and to collect and maintain patient information on an enterprise-wide basis. Sunrise Patient Financials provides centralized enterprise-wide business office capabilities that help healthcare organizations improve financial workflows and more effectively manage their patient billing, accounts receivable, and contract management functions. This helps them reduce costs for this important function and maximize and accelerate appropriate reimbursements from patients and other parties.


The Enterprise Performance Management solution suite is a grouping of the Company’s executive tools that support direct patient care-related activities, as well as operational performance management. Eclipsys solutions focus on three critical areas for healthcare performance management: financial decision support; hospital patient flow and throughput, and clinical analytics. These solutions bring together integrated data from across the enterprise to analyze dependencies, trends and patterns, bottlenecks and areas of concern from a high level, down to the individual patient, clinician or resource. Sunrise EPSi is a fully integrated, Web-based solution that can load and process data from virtually any healthcare or business software or system. It provides integrated analytics, budgeting and knowledge-based decision support designed to bring together all the major components of financial management, including strategic planning, product line budgeting, cost accounting, and operational and capital budgeting.

Sunrise Patient Flow gives hospitals management and visibility of patients’ movements throughout the enterprise enabling hospital management to identify bottlenecks and operational constraints and better coordinate resources to optimize patient flow. The solution provides enterprise-wide transparency and control over the flow process from a patient’s arrival in the emergency department or admitting to patient placement and care delivery throughout hospital departments and through coordinated discharge planning and fast bed turnover. Sunrise Clinical Analytics is an advanced clinical business intelligence solution that enables organizations to track and measure clinical performance and identify how clinician actions impact outcomes. This healthcare-specific and integrated solution helps organizations monitor and improve performance related to core measures, hospital-acquired complications and other quality initiatives.

The Company’s other clinical/ancillary solutions include Sunrise Record Manager, Sunrise Laboratory and Sunrise Radiology.


Sunrise Record Manager is a health information management (HIM) solution that automates the workflow associated with the collection, maintenance and distribution of information. Sunrise Record Manager helps hospitals meet regulatory reporting requirements by making data centrally, electronically accessible for information gathering and compilation in the enterprise health information system.


Sunrise Laboratory and Sunrise Blood Bank help high-volume hospital laboratories improve operational performance. Sunrise Laboratory helps automate laboratory departmental workflow from end-to-end, with decision-making and reporting driven by real-time clinical information.


Sunrise Radiology, a comprehensive radiology information system, and the Sunrise PACS picture archiving and communications system (the latter powered by Spectra) can be implemented together, separately, or as part of an image-enabled clinical information system. They deliver imaging data as an integrated part of the overall patient record that is accessible to clinicians at the point-of-care or other points of decision-making using any Sunrise Enterprise-enabled device.


Eclipsys’ Practice Management Solutions include Eclipsys PeakPractice, PeakPractice EHR, PeakPractice practice management (PM) and Eclipsys PeakPractice supply chain (SC). Eclipsys PeakPractice connects the clinical and business sides of a physician practice with EHR, physician PM and SC systems utilizing the same technology platform. PeakPractice EHR is an EHR solution that interfaces with existing practice management systems to help coordinate and facilitate care delivery. PeakPractice PM is a practice management solution that enables busy physician practices, clinics and surgery centers to take control of their business operations. Eclipsys PeakPractice SC (supply chain) is a Web-based inventory management application that electronically tracks and orders medical supplies and inventory for physician practices.