Back To Communications Don’t Miss Confessions of a HIPAA Security Auditor Revealed During Our Webinar

Don’t Miss Confessions of a HIPAA Security Auditor Revealed During Our Webinar

Confessions of a HIPAA Security Auditor

The vault is open! Uncover secrets from the field and join us for an unfiltered conversation.

Save your seat for a quick 30-minute webinar with Orchestrate Healthcare and our expert partners at HIPAA One tomorrow at 12:00ET. If you believe your healthcare organization does not have the time or resources to complete a bona fide HIPAA risk analysis, think again. Work smarter, not harder! We’ll teach you how a risk analysis can be divided up into manageable sections and delegated out to various colleagues and departments so no one is tackling this task alone. You won’t want to miss this!

Session take-a-ways:​​​​​​​

  • Can a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis be completed in 60 minutes or less?
  • Secrets out! Psst…. We’ll tell you how to pass an audit
  • Ask the auditor anything…Well, almost anything – Open Q&A

Our CISO Barbara Calvin, along with our partners at HIPAA One, will lead this fast-paced, deep-dive into HIPAA territory. Before, or after, the webinar we suggest you take our complimentary HIPAA Assessment Quiz to see how your compliance stacks up. You will receive immediate, actionable feedback to help guide your HIPAA compliance.

To further assist healthcare organizations, we’re providing our CISO-partnered HIPAA Annual Assessment offerings starting at a special rate of $17,500.


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