How We Roll

Orchestrate Healthcare is not your typical healthcare IT consulting firm with layers of executives, and a C-level for every aspect of the business. President, Charlie Cook, is accessible, client facing, and is known to spontaneously show up on-site just to check out what’s going on.

Each consultant on the team is the leader of their project activity and success. Our relatively flat executive leadership structure promotes independent work-ethic, and personal pride in a job well done. Meet some of our team here, and give us a call or contact us to meet our Best in KLAS award-winning healthcare IT consultants.


Charlie Cook - President


Seeing the need for QUALITY consultants to work with healthcare organizations, Mr. Cook launched Orchestrate Healthcare in 2006. Prior to establishing the now award winning firm, he experienced the boom in healthcare technology within the Sun Microsystems and IBM environments. It was the explosion of healthcare IT growth, and the sub-standard implementations during this time, that led to the genesis of Orchestrate Healthcare. “I was fortunate to see the business need,” recalls Mr. Cook, “and had the drive and determination to know how to build the company. We’ve had tremendous growth over these years and I see our consultants as an integral part of this success.”

When asked what his favorite part of the business day looks like, Mr. Cook answered honestly, “having a great call with a client letting me know we’ve helped their organization succeed. That’s what makes it all worthwhile!”

Kara Gallagher - Chief Operating Officer


Kara Gallagher serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Orchestrate Healthcare.In her capacity she oversees the responsibilities of the day-to-day execution of all organizational operations to accomplish objectives according to our strategic vision. Ms. Gallagher ensures every aspect of Orchestrate Healthcare reflects the strategic goal of 100% client focus and quality engagements.

Prior to serving as COO, Kara provided expert leadership in the field of human resources overseeing the Orchestrate Healthcare team serving as Vice President, Talent Acquisition. With 20+ years of HR leadership, Ms. Gallagher is an employee advocate, exceptional talent identifier, and as a dual benefit, provides legal expertise to the organization.

Steve House - Vice President - Advisory Services


Steve House serves as Orchestrate Healthcare’s Vice President of Advisory Services. As a healthcare executive and consultant who has spent more than 35 years in healthcare, Steve is responsible for the growth and nurturing of this vital service for our clients. His decades-strong experience in the healthcare space paired with strong analytic skills, helps healthcare leaders address their most pressing challenges with insights and strategies to drive their organization’s future.

During his healthcare career he has worked in with technology in service lines and departments such as Cardiology, Oncology, Imaging, surgery, and ambulatory areas. He has spent the past 15 years working in IT including running a large analytics department for a payor and provider that focused on cost reduction, contract performance in value-based care, revenue leakage and quality metrics.

Additionally, he is an active voice on issues surrounding the opioid crisis and state and federal policy for healthcare.

Lisa Elias - Area Vice President - Northeast


Lisa Elias provides leadership and direction within the Northeastern states for Orchestrate Healthcare as our Area Vice President. Lisa’s high level of business acumen for the healthcare industry coupled with her proven expertise in business communications enables her to strategize creatively and effectively with our healthcare clients. “It is Lisa’s demonstration over and over of high integrity that both mirrors our company’s focus and earns her the trust of her clients,” shares Mr. Cook. “Healthcare decision makers will appreciate her solid approach in developing solutions to help solve critical business issues while ensuring positive outcomes.”

Prior to joining Orchestrate Healthcare, Lisa served as Sr. National Account Manager for Leidos Health Consulting; and Regional VP of Sales at First Choice Professionals.

Megan Finateri - Sales Executive - Mid-Atlantic


Megan Finateri, MS T&D, provides leadership and direction for the Mid-Atlantic States of MD and DE with a robust 10+ years spanning across the healthcare industry. Megan’s breadth of experience includes health information technology, technical training delivery, territory management, business development, operations and much more.  Her solid understanding of these details and complexities within healthcare systems enables her to bring a uniquely positioned skill set to the table for the coordination of strategic and complex sales processes.

Prior to joining Orchestrate Healthcare, Megan held various roles within Siemens Medical Solutions, Vitalize Consulting Solutions and Leidos Health.

Christina Krugh - Vice President of Sales - Midwest


Christina Krugh provides leadership direction for the Midwest states with a robust 20+ years in the healthcare space. Her solid understanding of the complexities of healthcare systems, especially integration environments, enables her to bring a uniquely positioned skill-set to the table for the coordination of strategic and complex sales processes.

“Our practice in the Midwest is growing rapidly along with the shifting US demographics,” shares Mr. Cook. “With the dynamic nature of healthcare organizations, it was crucial for us to leverage someone having deep roots in healthcare, excellent account relationship and management skills, as well as experience with new and existing business development. Christina is exactly that seasoned healthcare IT executive who inspires confidence, commitment, trust – and demonstrates how seasoned expertise benefits our healthcare organization clients.”

Prior to joining Orchestrate Healthcare, Christina served as Vice President for Santa Rosa Consulting; as Past President for West Virginia HIMSS; and as Executive Vice President of Sales and Co-founder of G2 Works, LLC.

David Gibbs - HIE Practice Director


Mr. Cook bolstered Orchestrate Healthcare’s Healthcare Information Exchange practice by bringing Mr. Gibbs on-board in 2009. In doing so, he enlisted Mr. Gibbs 30+ years of progressive Information Technology experience with extensive background in system design, evaluation, integration and installation of multiple computer platforms and software applications. Mr. Gibbs has managed our HIE Practice Group since its inception, which has an accomplished track record of successful HIE implementations from small hospital HIE environments to regional and state-wide HIE implementations. When asked about the primary focus of his practice group, Mr. Gibbs quickly replied, “our goal is customer satisfaction in every engagement. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive technical knowledge and experience to successfully implement our client’s HIE solution, bringing them interoperability and solutions for success in this rapidly evolving environment.”

Peter Marsh - Interoperability & Integration Practice Director


Managing the Interoperability & Integration Practice Group requires a broad knowledge of systems, experience, and people. Mr. Marsh brings over 25 years of experience to Orchestrate Healthcare as the Director of this high-performing team. Each interoperability engagement is unique, and Mr. Marsh and his team consistently exceed client expectations with processes that include rigorous workflow analysis, standards methodology, integrating lab systems, integrating all types of enterprise systems, and managing the client projects. Mr. Marsh leads by example and echos to his team that the company mission of customer satisfaction is the top priority of all services provided by the interoperability and integration consultants.