Four Years of Impressive Recognition with 2014 Best in KLAS Award

We put a lot of weight in KLAS reporting and recognition.  Why?  It’s unbiased, anonymous and provides us a benchmark to measure our activity against our colleagues and our own reputation as top healthcare it consultants.  We work hard for our clients, and it shows in our awards, our client reporting of our engagements, and in our rankings.

At Orchestrate Healthcare, we are honored to have won our fourth Best in KLAS — Technical Services award in eight years.  This award recognizes what is at our company’s foundation — commitment to QUALITY in every Healthcare IT engagement for our clients — no matter what.

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KLAS User Commentary

Our clients give honest, anonymous feedback on our services through KLAS Research*.  Here’s a few of our favorites:

Orchestrate Healthcare has consistently exceeded our expectations and has never tried to nickel-and-dime us. They are constantly with us for every interfacing project that we run. They are on the ball when they need information, and they make sure we have everything we need. They sometimes keep our projects on track for us when we sometime drop the ball. They just keep pinging us to figure out the status of the project and prompting us to keep going with it. Orchestrate Healthcare is fantastic to work with, and they are not pushy salesmen. Whatever we need, all we have to do is ask them for it, and they find us the information and help us out.

Orchestrate Healthcare is probably the premier integrator in the healthcare technology space. They have a really strong team of specialists who really know what they are doing, and they are easy to work with. I have been very pleased with the hands-on leadership that Orchestrate Healthcare has offered, and they will be the firm that we have on speed dial for any of our third-party integration work.

When it comes to integration experts, no one will find a vendor with better expertise than Orchestrate Healthcare. We have used Orchestrate Healthcare several times, and they always provide excellent value for the money. They are not the cheapest firm out there, but they deliver what they say they will deliver. Our money is well spent with them.

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 *Excerpted from User Commentary collected about Orchestrate Healthcare © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.