Our goal is not to win awards. Our goal is to deliver QUALITY work for our clients. However, not too surprising, when your goal is client-focused and organization-centered, and you provide exceptional outcomes, you win awards!

We are honored with each award we’ve received from KLAS and from Black Book Research. These recognition’s are outward expressions of the respect and care we provide to our client’s environments and needs. We invite you to learn more about our awards so that we can provide you with this same quality.


We are honored to have won our fourth Best in KLAS — Technical Services award in eight years. KLAS reporting is unbiased, anonymous and provides us a benchmark to measure our activity against our colleagues and our own reputation as top healthcare it consultants.

Black Book Research

Black Book Market Research is the leader of unbiased healthcare technology and services research. Their independent industry benchmark studies, innovative data and analytics provide impartial insights to the quality of vendor work and client satisfaction.