Back To Communications 30 Minutes For Both An Impactful Meeting & A Smile?

30 Minutes For Both An Impactful Meeting & A Smile?

Three quick questions:

  1. If you check your schedule for next week, are we on your calendar for HIMSS17?
  2. Does your organization plan on hiring consulting services for current and/or future healthcare IT plans?
  3. When was the last time you went to a meeting at HIMSS and had both an impactful visit, and left with a smile on your face?
I’m guessing your answers are NO / YES / HASN’T HAPPENED YET

We’d like to change that! Come meet with us and let’s talk about your current and future healthcare IT plans, and the specific challenges you face.  We’ll share with you how our healthcare IT services are dramatically solving problems for healthcare organizations, and how our specialized healthcare IT consultants maximize achievement and minimize disruption and costs to produce the outcomes you need.

And, to put that smile on your face, you’re welcome to take a spin on the URB-E– and we’ll enter you into a drawing to take one home. 

What’s an URB-E? Click to watch and see the coolest last-mile solution around!

Why spend 30 minutes with us?

We know the process and system challenges healthcare faces daily and how those challenges have evolved in the last decade. Our experienced consultants are helping clients nationwide by resolving these challenges and making software solutions work more efficiently and securely for improved patient outcomes.
Are you concerned with:
  • Finding an Information Security expert? Let’s talk about our Virtual CISO practice.
  • Transmitting copious data records from disparate sources cleanly across a continuum of care? Let’s talk about our EMR Consulting Services.
  • Finding the right Go-Live team for maximum adoption? Let’s talk about our Activation & Go-Live expertise.

Let’s set-up a meeting at HIMSS17

Schedule your meeting today (while time slots are still available to ride the URB-E!) and get registered to win:
  • Monday, February 20: 10:00am-6pm EST
  • Tuesday, February 21: 9:30am – 6pm EST
  • Wednesday, February 22: 9:30am – 4pm EST
Or, give us a call at (877) 303-3377 and we’ll talk.  Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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