InterSystems Ensemble Integration Experts

When you work with InterSystems Ensemble®, you are working with one of the leading software solutions for connected systems. Embedding Ensemble in your applications enables you to connect them easily to multiple systems, services, and business processes. And you’ll be able to rapidly enhance those applications – without rewriting them – by adding:

  • Rich web interfaces
  • Adaptable workflow
  • Rules-based business processes
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Other new features

Ensemble is the easiest integration software to use because it’s not a stitched-together suite of separate parts. It is created as a single, architecturally consistent technology stack (integration server, data server, application server, and portal development software). So, Ensemble projects are typically completed in half the time required with previous generations of integration products.

Orchestrate Healthcare’s expert InterSystems Ensemble integration consultants work with your internal staff to provide technical expertise, project management, project methodologies, and process improvement. Our proven implementation, version upgrade / migration, and custom Interface expertise with Intersystems Ensemble™ and other leading solutions in healthcare integration allows us to efficiently manage any size project.

Orchestrate Healthcare has been selected as one of InterSystems Implementation and Migration Partners. Please check out our profile on the InterSystems Partner Page for a full overview of our services.